Thursday, December 20, 2018

Lillie Mae - "The Christmas Letter"

Photo via Facebook
I don't want to post too many Christmas songs this week, but when I heard Lillie Mae's cover of "The Christmas Letter" I couldn't resist. Recorded for 12 Days of Greyland (which is reaching out to Nashville area artists to create new holiday content) and for the benefit of MusicCares, this is exactly what we want it to be. Lillie Mae does an absolutely gorgeous rendition of this song, which isn't really a shock. Her 2017 album Forever and Then Some was a hit around these parts. It was throwback country without being hokey and somehow still sounding current. That's what she does with "The Christmas Letter." It's been done by countless country artists and could easily come across as cheesy, but Lillie Mae avoids that and does a perfect version of the classic.

You can watch the video for "The Christmas Letter" below. For more on MusicCares, check out their website. For more on Lillie Mae, check out her website

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