Friday, December 21, 2018

The B+ Players - "Mandible Claus"

It's not very often that Jeff and I get to indulge our love of wrestling here. Luckily, this song from Halifax, Nova Scotia's The B+ Players allows us to proclaim our love of music, Christmas, and wrestling.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with professional wrestling, Mick Foley is a famous retired wrestler who has wrestled under various names. He's really known for taking an obscene amount of punishment, and his finishing move is the mandible claw. He's also a huge fan of Santa and Christmas. He has a Christmas room in his house, brings his family to Santa's Village in NH every year, and was a major part of the I Am Santa Claus documentary. "Mandible Claus" is a tribute to Mick Foley the wrestler and his love of Christmas. It's a great song perfect for anyone who loves Christmas and Mick Foley, or even just Mick.

You can listen to "Mandible Claus" below, and download it for free on The B+ Players's Bandcamp. For more on The B+ Players, check them out on Facebook.

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