Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Weepies Cover Bruce Springsteen (on ukulele)

I've had a longstanding complicated relationship with Bruce Springsteen. I spent most of my life hating his music and dismissing it as overblown stadium rock. Then I discovered Nebraska and became obsessed. With Nebraska. I've expanded a bit with albums like Greetings from Asbury Park, but most of his work I just can't get into. I prefer Springsteen the folk troubadour and not Springsteen the stadium rocker.

This is why Born to Uke may be perfect for me. Born to Run is the epitome of Springsteen the stadium rocker, but Born to Uke has various artists limiting their versions of the songs from Born to Run with only ukulele, bass, vocals, and percussion. The first up is The Weepies with their take on "Backstreets." They strip it down to just vocals and ukulele, and the result is exactly what I want with my Springsteen. It's a down to absolute basics folk song without even a shred of pomp or huge rock star. This I can get into.

You can listen to The Weepies's version of "Backstreets" below. Born to Uke will also feature Born to Run songs performed by Sara Watkins, Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls, and more. All proceeds will benefit Little Kids Rock, which funds music education in underprivileged schools. For more on the album, be sure to head over to

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