Thursday, December 20, 2018

prior panic - "backseat driver"

Since I'm becoming a huge fan of co-opting a band's Bandcmap bio in my review of their music, Boston's prior panic describe themselves as "gay cello rock music." While it's a great description, you're going to think the wrong thing upon hearing that. When I first heard that, I thought they'd have a Rasputina sound, and I was 100% wrong. Their latest single (although it came out in September (OOPS!)), "backseat driver," does include an electric cello, but it's far heavier on the rock than the cello part of the description. In fact, "backseat driver" is far noisier and punk rock than anything I could ever have thought a cello could be involved in. It's a loud, aggressive song but still is catchy and quite listenable, even if you're not a huge loud music fan.

You can listen to "backseat driver" below. For more on prior panic, be sure to check them out on Bandcamp and Facebook.

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