Thursday, August 22, 2019

Los Blancos - "Dilyn Iesu Grist"

Photo by The Shoot
According to their press release, Los Blancos are "Welsh psych-punkers." With their new single, "Dilyn Iesu Grist" [English translation: Follow Jesus Christ], that's pretty accurate. The song starts off as this bouncy track that has the fun and trippy aspects of psychedelia but the speed of punk. It's all crashing symbols and swirling, fuzzy as hell guitars. It stops just short of aggression and feels more like a celebration. And then the instrumental finish happens. As much as you're loving the first half of this song, prepare yourself to become completely obsessed once the second half kicks in. Somehow this song is under three minutes long, which will hardly be enough for your needs.

You can listen to "Dilyn Iesu Grist" below. Sbwriel Gwyn, the new album from Los Blancos, will be out September 27 on Libertino Records. For more on Los Blancos, check them out on Facebook and Twitter

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