Friday, August 2, 2019

Noël Wells - "Played for Keeps"

Picture via Twitter
Why are we so surprised when an actor releases a musical project and it's actually good? The terrible vanity project trend seems to be long over, and instead we're getting music from people we don't necessarily view as musicians that is quite good! The latest is  Noël Wells. The actor/comedian/director is set to release her debut album this month, and judging from "Played for Keeps," we're going to be into it. "Played for Keeps" is this enjoyable blend of Americana and pop, leaning just slightly more heavily on the Americana side of things. Wells has the slightest 60's girl group sound to her voice, so this could remind you a little of Molly Burch (which makes this right up our alley!)

You can watch the video for "Played for Keeps" below. It's So Nice!, Noël Wells's debut album, will be out on August 30. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Noël Wells, check her out on Twitter and her website. Also, be sure to watch her directorial debut Mr. Roosevelt. Once you get past the dying/dead cat plotline, you'll enjoy it!

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