Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Ags Connolly - "Wrong Again (You Lose a Life)"

Photo by Kev Lloyd
I had no idea there was a country music scene in the UK. It makes sense that there would be, but hearing country music out of Oxfordshire, England is just surprising to me. Ags Connolly sounds like the South. (The South of the US of A, not England, I should specify.) "Wrong Again (You Lose a Life)" is just pure old fashioned country. It's more George Jones and Willie Nelson than you would ever imagine. The song even mentions Austin, TX. What's truly remarkable is how authentic it sounds. Authentic American sounding country from the UK could come across as hokey or cartoonish, but Connolly pulls it off impeccably. 

You can listen to "Wrong Again (You Lose a Life)" below. Wrong Again, the upcoming album from Ags Connolly, will be out November 1 on Finstock Music. For more on Ags Connolly, check out his website.

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