Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Full Body - "Looked at the Picture"

Photo by Brandon Mark
Rochester, NY's "post everything" four piece Full Body packs a lot into their latest single, the under two minute long "Looked at the Picture." It starts off being a fast alternative rock song, the kind I used to play constantly on my college radio show back in the late 90's. And then it bursts into a much louder, more aggressive and shout filled song. By the end it's a much more tuneful, melodic, almost indie pop rock song. These song transitions and somehow both jarring and gentle. The band's description of the song might explain the massive shifts:

"Looked at the Picture” is a song that Jake (our guitarist) wrote. Its quick, pretty and punchy. I wrote the lyrics about seeing something that completely throws you off guard and fucks with you for a sec, but obviously after awhile you get over it. I think the song exemplifies that emotional process."

You can listen to "Looked at the Picture" below. Always There, the upcoming album from Full Body, will be out October 18 on Five Kill Records. For more on Fully Body, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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