Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Sheila Divine - "Kurt Cobain"

On the anniversary of the release of Nevermind, The Sheila Divine released a new single, "Kurt Cobain." According to a Facebook post from singer Aaron Perrino:

"I remember the first time I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit on WBNY in 1991. I drove to the record store the following day, which was September 24th 1991, as they were unboxing Nevermind. Nirvana was my favorite band after that for quite some time. I wrote this song called Kurt Cobain imagining what he might be like if he were alive today."

"Kurt Cobain" is a mid-tempo song that sound optimistic, but asks if Cobain were alive today "Would he be a middle aged legend slightly balding / Railing against corruption and the greed / Or a millionaire rock star with a winery / Island hopping on a yacht at sea." It also asks if Jimi Hendrix would be "An elder statesman with a sound of rage / Railing against all that we’ve become / Or a baby boomer me too what is mine is mine / Damn this world I’ll take it all with me." It's a question I always wonder, especially since so many of their contemporaries seem insistent on tarnishing their legacies to the point of ruining the connection we have to the music of our youth. It's a fitting song to be included on what is most likely The Sheila Divine's final album. It's a time of reflecting on what could have been and reminiscing about what was.

You can listen to "Kurt Cobain" below. Beginning of the End, the upcoming album from The Sheila Divine, will be released sometime this fall. For more on The Sheila Divine, check them out on Twitter and Facebook

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