Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Gala - "GIMME GIMME"

Even though they released a full length album just five months ago, Boston's The Gala are back with a new single. "GIMME GIMME" is a burst of old fashioned garage rock with a more modern punk edge. The organ is really what gives the song its vintage feel, but organ always makes me think of 60's style garage rock. Unlike most vintage garage rock, "GIMME GIMME" is all punk fury, but with harmonies and melody. The true hero of the song is Emily Doran's vocals. She straddles the easily ruined line of harmony and punk edge spectacularly, playing equally in both worlds. Just as you think she's about to go too far in either direction, she tears into the other direction in the nick of time.

You can listen to "GIMME GIMME" below. The song is currently available via The Gala's Bandcamp. For more on The Gala, check out their website

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