Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Skyzoo & Pete Rock featuring Westside Gunn, Conway, Benny The Butcher and Elzhi - "Eastern Conference All​-​Stars"

The latest single from the collaborative album from Skyzoo and Pete Rock might be the most satisfying throwback of all time. It's a brand new song, but it just feels like 1990. "Eastern Conference All-Stars" is the ultimate laid back posse cut. It obviously features Skyzoo, but also verses by Westside Gunn, Conway, Benny The Butcher, and Elzhi. These kind of songs dominated most of the hip hop I listened to in high school, and "Eastern Conference All-Stars" pushes my nostalgia button perfectly. Skyzoo says about the song:

“When putting together Retropolitan, one of the first ideas I had was to put together the ultimate posse cut, with everyone who’s on the record being who I always had in mind.  Something in the vein of DMX’s ‘Ni**az Done Started Something, JAY-Z’s Reservoir Dogs, LL's 4,3,2,1, etc.  I broke the idea down to Pete, and he immediately played this beat. Pete knew exactly what would work for us to go bar crazy. When you put five top-tier lyricists on the same team at the same time; a blowout game ensues. Glad to have my peoples, who happen to be some of the best in the biz’ penmanship wise all in the same starting lineup for this all-star game.” 

You can listen to "Eastern Conference All-Stars" below. Retropolitan, the new album from Skyzoo and Pete Rock, will be out September 20 on Mello Music Group. You can pre-order the album here. For more on Skyzoo, check out his Facebook and Twitter.

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