Thursday, September 19, 2019

Jessica Lea Mayfield - TAPE DEMOS PART 2

Back in June Jessica Lea Mayfield released tape demos part 1, and three months later she's bringing us TAPE DEMOS PART 2. The latest is a five song collection of solo home cassette demos Mayfield is currently working on. Songs like "ALL MEN" fits the typical acoustic solo demo we'd expect while "I'M DOING FINE" is surprisingly reverb heavy. These demo collections aren't really meant for new or casual fans. These are extremely rough and meant for the type of fans that would have bought import singles or giant box sets in the past to make sure they have everything. These offer a great look into what Mayfield is working on while we wait for her next full release, and it'll make hearing the finished versions that much more interesting.

You can listen to "DON'T EVEN TRY ME" below. TAPE DEMOS PART 2 is available now via Bandcamp. If these do well enough Mayfield is teasing a full band demo for part 3. For more on Jessica Lea Mayfield, check out her Facebook and Twitter.

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