Wednesday, October 16, 2019

First Listen: New Releases for 11 October

Artist: The Dead South
Album: Sugar & Joy
Quick Description: New album from an underrated roots act.
Why You Should Listen: They're gritty but polished, which is a great mix.
Overall Thoughts: For what it’s worth, I never read about The Dead South when I’m hearing about current roots/Americana acts, and I don’t know why, because they’re great. They had the one viral hit, yes, but this new album does not betray their sound or provide any sort of sea change that would make you think they’re anything less than one of the more solid, skilled acts in the genre. If you want good roots music? Just make time for this.
Recommendation: You won’t regret a moment of it.

Artist: Cursive
Album: Get Fixed
Quick Description: Second new album this year from the indie emo band.
Why You Should Listen: Cursive is good, guys.
Overall Thoughts: A surprise second release from the indie act, this one is a little more chamber-emo than the harshness of the solid album earlier this year, but it definitely doesn’t feel like a ton of castoff songs. Cur have been great for some time now, and this is just the latest in their line of quality music.
Recommendation: Don’t miss out.

Artist: Very Good
Album: Adulthood
Quick Description: One of the more interesting folkish listens of the week.
Why You Should Listen: Defies any expectations you may have.
Overall Thoughts: This is a very interesting listen in a lot of ways. I can’t say for sure whether it works for me on first listen, as it is such a stilted jolt to the system for what comes across as a folk-style record, but still such a fascinating adventure. I didn’t want to ignore this one this week, and if you’re feeling like a trek off the beaten path…
Recommendation: Worth your time.

Artist: Kim Gordon
Album: No Home Record
Quick Description: Sonic Youth frontwoman with her first solo album.
Why You Should Listen: Kim Gordon is basically grunge royalty.
Overall Thoughts: An odd and frustrating record in all the right ways. Most of my favorite Sonic Youth songs featured Kim Gordon in a big way, so I’ve been low-key looking forward to this effort. The result ends up being something very odd and often impenetrable, and that isn’t a bad thing. In fact, in many ways, it is exactly what I was hoping for and expecting from it. This is basically impossible to really write about coherently, but it is worth a full listen. For me, I’m definitely looking to revisit.
Recommendation: A really fascinating experience.

Artist: The Building
Album: PETRA
Quick Description: Thoughtful, interesting folk rock.
Why You Should Listen: This doesn't play it entirely straight.
Overall Thoughts: The number of fairly basic folk rock records that come across our weekly listens is often staggering, but this means that when a superlative one hits our stack, we notice. This is one of them, with a pleasant demeanor and some interesting musical and lyrical flourishes that sets it apart. There’s something a little more special about this one...
Recommendation: check it out.

Artist: Big Thief
Album: Two Hands
Quick Description: Second album this year from the indie faves.
Why You Should Listen: More in line with what you might expect.
Overall Thoughts: Big Thief is back after a few months with a new album. This one feels a lot closer to what I expect compared to U.F.O.F., and the result is a pretty solid listen that doesn’t feel like a bunch of throwaways from the previous sessions.
Recommendation: Good for fans, worth it for all.

Of note:

* Chris Farren - Born Hot (Power pop lives!)
* Tahiti 80 - Fear of an Acoustic Planet (Sneaky good.)
* 808 State - Transmission Suite
* Elbow - Giants of All Sizes
* Lemolo - Swansea
* Allah-Las - LAHS
* Suitcase Sam - Goodnight Riverdale Park
* Newmoon - Nothing Lasts Forever
* Jonsi and Alex Somers - Lost & Found
* The Hard-Ons - So I Could Have Them Destroyed
* Art Alexakis - Sun Songs
* Babymetal - Metal Galaxy
* Dan Luke and the Raid - Out of the Blue
* Joseph Arthur - Come Back World

7 Song Albums:

* BODEGA - Shiny New Model


* Mallin Petterson - Alonesome
* Lindstrom - On a Clear Day I Can See You Forever
* Babehaven - Suspended Animation
* Marika Hackman - Any Human Friend
* Askjell - To Be Loved
* Son Little - Invisible

Also Out:

* Wale - Wow, That's Crazy
* Lightning Bolt - Sonic Citadel

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