Thursday, October 3, 2019

that dog. - "Just the Way"

Photo by Cara Robbins
It's been twenty two years since that dog. have released new music, so you can forgive them for being behind the times a bit. Apparently no one has told them no one goes all out with music videos any more, and a fun concept and celebrity cameos are unnecessary. For their latest single, "Just the Way," the band made a video with Funny or Die which stars the members of that dog. as the fun loving roommates from TV's Three's Company, except with Janet and Chrissy trying to murder each other. They also bring in Maya Rudolph and Jack Black as The Gropers. Hijinks, naturally, ensue! As for the song "Just the Way," it's a dark, melodic hard 90's style rocker, and it's great enough to not get overshadowed by the killer (pun intended) video.

You can watch the video for "Just the Way" below. Old LP, the insanely long awaited album from that dog., will be out October 4. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on that dog., check out their website.

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