Friday, October 25, 2019

Jennah Barry - "The Real Moon"

Hailing from Nova Scotia, Jennah Barry's latest single is a dream-like genre mixing experiment. "The Real Moon" has elements of dream pop, 80's pop, jazz, and folk all mixed into one cohesive sound. It's both retro and modern sounding at the same time. All the pieces of the song seemlessly transition into each other and create a familiar and unique sound.

"I was spending most of my time alone when I wrote ‘The Real Moon,'” says Barry. “The song is about the very modern problem of seeing too much of the world without actually leaving your house. It’s about experiencing the fragility of reality.”

You can listen to "The Real Moon" below. The single is currently available via Bandcamp. Jennah Barry will be releasing a new album sometime in 2020. To make sure you know when that will be expected, check out her website.

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