Monday, October 28, 2019

NovaBound - "Under the Sun"

"Under the Sun," taken from NovaBound's upcoming debut album, is an odd little pop-adjacent song. It sounds like a more organic and less electronic Cornelius as it wildly shuffles tempo, sound, and styles throughout its 5:11 duration. It's not quite rock, it's not quite pop, it's not quite jazz, it's not quite electronic, but it is somehow all of these things. NovaBound explains the track this way:

""Under The Sun" is part of a break-up album called Sevenths that loosely mirrors the stages of grief during it's run-time. Here we have anger (or at least my best attempt at it being angry). I'm being judgmental towards some choices that were made but truth be told things stopped being my business very quickly. It got rather dark after the split so I offer a prayer in verse two although I can't help myself from being passive aggressive. California is actually Florida in real life, but California is a lot more catchier."

You can listen to "Under the Sun" below. Sevenths, the debut album from NovaBound, will be out November 22. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on NovaBound, check out their Twitter.

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