Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Phantom Ocean - Phantasmagoria

Salem, MA's Phantom Ocean have released a new EP that you simply not to hear. Their Bandcamp profile refers to them as "Blues, pop-punk, and grunge in a blender," and after you hear Phantasmagoria you'll be sure to agree. "I'm With the Band" is filled with guitar that couldn't be more fuzzy, but it's still an odd pop based song. "Broken Wings" is going to remind you of Bob Mould's solo work, with Drew Smith's vocals sounding like he's struggling to be heard above the cacophony of the music, and I mean that as a compliment. "She God" sounds like your favorite blues based rock singer got stuck in a grunge timeloop and doesn't really want to get out. "Cryptid" might be my favorite of the bunch. It doesn't sound much like the other songs, and is more of a standard blues tune. Sarah Smith's vocals get to shine in a way they normally don't. If you've ever heard their cover of Leadbelly's (via Nirvana) cover of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?," you'll know the lineage of this particular song.

You can listen to "Cyptid" below. Phantasmagoria is available via Bandcamp for the "name your price" option. If you do choose free, be sure to give Phantom Ocean a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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