Monday, January 8, 2024

Nervous Eaters - "Why You Tell'N Me Now"

Boston punk legends Nervous Eaters continue their incredible comeback with another new single. "Why You Tell'N Me Now" probably isn't punk by today's standards, but it still has plenty of bite. The new single has more edge than should be possible considering Nervous Eaters have been around since the 1970's. The song has a psychedelic power pop sound to it along with a garage rock/proto punk vibe. It's wonderfully groovy, but still just a dark track. It may not be a mosh friendly punk rager, but it's hardly the easy listening most 70's punks now play. "Why You Tell'N Me Now" is a killer song by an always killer band.

Frontman Steve Cataldo says of the new song:

""Why You Telling Me Now", tells the true story of how one friend-1 related to his best friend-2 that the girl he was dating and desiring to marry as soon as possible, would not be the smartest idea. Having already been through 2 marriages, the best friend-2 still would not let go of the idea of marrying his new true love, (sex being the driving force here kids). Happily, after a 7 month courtship, best friend-2 went ahead and married his new true love. Sadly, after only 1 year of marriage, love waned, and L turned into X.

Months later the two friends met up on a cold winter’s afternoon.

Friend-2, "I should have listened to you, I should have known better, I was just blind, totally blind". On and on he went, inconsolable, almost choking from his own tears. All his friend-1 could do was remind his still best friend-2 of all the, "been there, done that", type of brotherly advice he had offered him day after day, and how his best friend-2 wouldn't listen to one word or even entertain the idea that he just might have been right.

"You shut me out man, I tried to reach you, I was talking to myself all that time, now "all I can ask YOU, is"? "Why You Telling me Now", dude, "Why You Telling Me Now."

You can watch the video for "Why You Tell'N Me Now" below. The single is available now via Wicked Cool Records. For more on Nervous Eaters, check out the band's website.

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