Tuesday, January 16, 2024

zowy - beware magical thinking

zowy is Rhode Island based artist Zoe Wyner, who just released a new four song EP. beware magical thinking is one of those releases that it kind of hard to put your finger on. It doesn't quite sound like anything else released in 2024, but it doesn't sound (fully) retro either. The opening track, "found," has a "Goodbye Horses" by Q Lazarus meets Depeche Mode feel, but I'm also hearing classic Massive Attack and Sonic Youth style guitar, too. "harbored" is even harder to define, although it sounds perfect coming right after "found." It's somehow a little more pop based, but far noisier. On beware magical thinking, zowy is taking bits and pieces of various genres and adding elements into her sound while crafting something brand new.

You can watch the video for "harbored" below. beware magical thinking is out now on Lost Sound Tapes, and is available via Bandcamp. For more on zowy, check out the artist on Instagram.

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