Friday, January 5, 2024

Ronnie and the Savoys with Steve "Poppy" Popovich - "Domino"

Photo courtesy Cleveland International Records

Growing up, I spent my tween years listening to oldies instead of the current hits of the day. (As you can imagine, I was wildly popular...) Because of this, I will always have a fondness for early 1950's rock 'n' roll. It's becoming a lost genre, which is one of the reasons why it's great when a lost song from that era gets rediscovered. "Domino" from Ronnie and the Savoys was originally recorded in 1958 at Cleveland Recording Company in Cleveland, OH. "Domino" is just a pure, lost 1950's garage rock 'n' roll song that includes a killer horn solo. There aren't many of these lost songs out there waiting to be rediscovered, so when one if found, it's our duty to bring it to you.

Wicked Cool Records founder Stevie Van Zandt says of the track:

“Steve Popovich was one of my lifelong best friends. He signed the Asbury Jukes among other things. I knew he had a band when he was young, but he hadn’t mentioned that he’d recorded with that band. So I was thrilled when his son Stevie Junior not only discovered the record, but that the record turned out to be so great!”

You can listen to "Domino" and the B-side of "Slappin' Rods & Leaky Oil" below. The single has been reissued on Wicked Cool Records and Cleveland International Records. 

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