Friday, January 19, 2024

Rachel Sumner - "So What"

Photo by Hannah Cohen

We last heard from Rachel Sumner back in September when she released the excellent single "Radium Girls (Curie Eleison)." Now the former member of Twisted Pine is back with a follow up. "So What" is a little more along the lines of traditional folk-pop than its predecessor, but, as everything Sumner is involved with, the song has its very own feel to it. This one is a little bit more jazz and definitely more playful. "Radium Girls (Curie Eleison)" was a serious song about a serious subject, and "So What" lets Sumner's fun side out. The song also shifts through genres as it goes on, and cycles through so many different segments than you'd think possible in under four minutes.

You can listen to "So What" below. For more on Rachel Sumner, check out the artist's website.

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