Tuesday, July 30, 2019

These Wild Plains - "Stick Around"

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Boston's These Wild Plains do a virtually perfect rendition of alt-country along the lines of Uncle Tupelo and Whiskeytown. Their latest single, "Stick Around," continues that sound. "Stick Around" is laid back, but not hanging-out-on-the-porch laid back. It stops just short of power ballad territory and is the kind of love song rare in country and Americana. According to the band:

"Stick Around is a love letter to my wife, or maybe more accurately, a tribute to her extreme patience. Being married to someone who is addicted to the masochistic nature of being a 'working musician' is a hard row to hoe, for sure. I don't know how she does it, but lord knows I would be lost without her. Besides, you don't hear a ton of songs about things going well these days. Everyone's always leaving. I figure it can't hurt to have one about shit working out for once."

You can listen to "Stick Around" below. Thrilled to Be Here, the new album from These Wild Plains, will be out September 6. For more on These Wild Plains, check out their website.

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