Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Astronots - "Wandering Eye"

We're pretty much guaranteed to write about any band that is described as "... an American rock 'n' roll outfit." The Astronots are from Los Angeles, and have this bizarre 60's meets modern sound. It's a high energy, incredibly fun dance/rock song that reminds me of being a throwback to music that was made in the 90's as a throwback to the 60's. And I mean that as a compliment. The song is inspired by a couple the band grew up with. As singer/guitarist Niko Giaimo explains:

"They had an insanely beautiful Cinderella wedding, but not long after that the wife started cheating, and the husband was secretly gay and going out with his friends in women's clothes. They were both cheating on each other in different ways, and somehow, everyone knew about the cheating except for the couple themselves!!! They ended up splitting up and are now both happily married in new relationships!"

You can watch the video for "Wandering Eyes" below. The song will be included on Cotati, the upcoming EP from The Astronots. For more on The Astronots, check out their website.

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