Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Say Goodbye to Summer and Hello to Autumn at Bellforge Arts Center

We've dropped the ball in telling you about the Bellforge Arts Center's line up this year, and for that we apologize. Located on the former grounds of the Medfield State Hospital (just visiting the site to see the old buildings is highly recommended), Bellforge "... nurtures community, creativity and self-expression through the arts." 

August closes out with three upcoming free with RSVP concerts. They have two Summer Sounds shows left: Thursday August 24 with Summer Cult and Senseless Optimism and Thursday August 31 with Dino Gala and Cape Crush! This Saturday is Flow at the 'Forge - Celebrating 50 Years of Hip-Hip which features performances from Brandie Blaze, SeeFour, and ExitFame. 

In September they switch things over to ticketed events. September 9 sees a performance by alt-rock legends Buffalo Tom. September 16 and 17 is the Commonwealth Fest, a two day festival curated by Cousin Stizz and featuring Supersmashbroz, Michael Christmas, Jiles of Van Buren, and many more. 

October moves back to free events on Saturdays. No word on line ups yet, but we'll keep an eye out for you!

For more information on Bellforge Arts Center and to RSVP for events, head over to their website.

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