Thursday, August 17, 2023

Dutch Tulips - "Gold Chain"

Boston's Dutch Tulips are set to play In Between Days this Saturday, and what better way to get us all excited for their performance than with a new single? "Gold Chain" combines some of the most iconic sounds in rock into a familiar and unique way. The song has the delivery and some of the anthemic qualities of Bruce Springsteen's classics, the New Wave keyboards of The Cars, and the playful indie sounds of Jonathan Richman. It's a fun song that sounds like it was specifically written to be blasted out at a large festival. It has that summertime feel to it, but a late summer feeling as melancholy begins to set in as we prepare for the end of the season.

You can listen to "Gold Chain" below. For more on Dutch Tulips, check out the band's website. If you're going to In Between Days this weekend, be sure to check them out at 2:15 on the Arbella Insurance Stage on Saturday the 19th!

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