Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Marem Ladson - "Rayo de Luna"

Photo by Arancha Brandon

Marem Ladson grew up in Spain listening to American pop and folk music. Now she's living in New York City and releasing her own version of both of those sounds. "Rayo de Luna" shows that off perfectly. For the first minute and a half, the song is just an acoustic guitar that still sounds a little pop. Once Ladson's vocals kick in, you're sure to be entranced. "Rayo de Luna" is such a simple song, but Ladson's vocals have such a lush quality to them. It's a gorgeous song that has a little bit of an unexpected edge for folk pop, but that's what makes this release from Marem Ladson impossible to resist. Sometimes the best beauty has a little bit of a rough edge to it.

Marem Ladson says of her new single:

I wrote 'Rayo de Luna' in June last year, just a few weeks after my move to New York. I was feeling very homesick, so I turned to old Spanish songs by artists like Soledad Bravo, Simón Díaz, Cecilia, and JeannetteI sought guidance on the moon, a steadfast presence of consistent and unwavering nature. Trying to figure out where I come from and what the future holds for me, the moon felt like a source of guidance, certainty, and reassurance in a moment when everything was changing.”

You can watch the video for "Rayo de Luna" below. Baby Light is due out September 1. For more on Marem Ladson, check out the artist on Instagram and Facebook.

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