Thursday, December 7, 2023

Ken's Best of 2023 - #9: Bella White - Among Other Things

I discovered Bella White's 2020 album Just Like Leaving a year late, but I quickly became smitten with the singer's blend of traditional folk and bluegrass. She released her sophomore album this year, and Among Other Things may be even better than her first.

The songs on Among Other Things are still traditional folk and bluegrass, but for this album White updated the sound to a more modern version that at times stops just short of folk-pop. The Canadian native just has that kind of voice that sucks you in. White just sucks you in with her natural talent as soon as "The Way I Oughta Go" starts, and keeps you mesmerized until the album closes with "Among Other Things." The standout track for me is "Flowers On My Bedside," a song that stretches the genre of traditional folk just about as far as it can go while still being traditional folk, and is one of the most engaging songs of the year. As with any article about Bella White, I have to mention that she's twenty-two years old. To make two albums this great at such a young age is astounding, especially when you realize how much time she has to grow and peak as an artist.

Songs of note: "The Way I Oughta Go," "Flowers On My Bedside," "Rhododendron," "Dishes"

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