Friday, December 29, 2023

Talk Chalk - "Disco Queen (Please Don't Kill Me)"

While researching California's Chalk Talk earlier this week, I kept stumbling on another band: Talk Chalk. The Boston based band released a single back in October that's well worth our attention. "Disco Queen (Please Don't Kill Me)" is a synth heavy and dance friendly indie rock song that has a lo-fi vibe while still being kind of epic. It's also slathered in disco, which you could probably guess based on the song title. Talk Chalk have given us a disco track in 2023 that sounds like a bizarro vintage song from the classic days of disco that still sounds modern and fresh.

You can listen to "Disco Queen (Please Don't Kill Me)" below. For more on Talk Chalk, check out the band on Instagram and Facebook. If you happen to be in the Boston area tonight and don't have plans, head on over to Deep Cuts in Medford to check out their live show.

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