Monday, September 9, 2013

Mean Creek - "Cool Town"

I was a little worried about how much time Mean Creek has been spending opening up for Counting Crows lately. Not that I really have anything against Adam Duritz, but I was worried the early 90s college stoner dude vibe would start rubbing off on Mean Creek. Apparently, my concerns were misguided since their just released song, "Cool Town," is the most furious thing they've released yet. It stops just a shade shy of punk and rests squarely in surf rock on speed. It's an interesting departure for the band, which always gave me an Archers of Loaf meets Bright Eyes kind of vibe. I'll be interested to hear their next album, Local Losers, due out on January 28, which seems like forever.

Check out Mean Creek's website here, and stream and download "Cool Town" below.

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