Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2 Great New Covers: Yuck covers Order and Disappears cover U2

Here at If It's Too Loud..., we're always on the lookout for new cover songs to share with you. Today, I'm bringing you two of my most recent favorites. Yuck are one of my favorite English bands I feel like I'm a little too old to be really into, and they're covering New Order, one of my favorite English bands I feel like I'm just young enough to have missed them. "Age of Consent" might be my favorite New Order song, and it's just under appreciated enough not to be played out. Yuck attack the song with their own noise rock style but keep just enough of the original to be reverential.

Similarly, Chicago's Disappears bring just enough noise to U2's "New Year's Day" to keep it fresh. "New Year's Day" is the most hack song to cover in the U2 catalog, but it's part of The AV Club's covers series, so they didn't have much of a selection. It's definitely not a parody, but Disappears make the song their own, which is what the best covers do.

Disappears cover U2

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