Monday, June 22, 2015

Mean Creek - "September Moon"

We're three days away from the final Mean Creek show, and to celebrate (?) the band has released a best of compilation on their Bandcamp. The compilation features "Forgotten Streets," which seemed to be the band's final song when it was released along with the announcement that they were breaking up. Turns out they have one more for us: "September Moon." Maybe it's because the news has time to settle in a bit more with "September Moon," but the song seems like more of a downer than "Forgotten Streets" did. "September Moon" is more loud and raucous as opposed to the pure anthem that is "Forgotten Streets." We should just be happy to get yet another final shot at music by our beloved Mean Creek, but this one hurts a little more.

Mean Creek are playing their final show opening for Soul Asylum and Meat Puppets at The Middle East in Cambridge on Thursday, June 25. You can get tickets here (although I am hoping for a headlining farewell show sometime in the near future). You can listen to "September Moon" below. "Best Of" Mean Creek is available for free on their Bandcamp, although all proceeds for purchases go to  the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund for the families of the victims of last week's Charleston, SC church shooting.

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