Thursday, October 27, 2016

Julia Jacklin Covers Big Thief

Photo credit: Nick McKinlay
Two of my absolute favorite releases of the year (and both strong contenders for album of the year) are Big Thief's Masterpiece and Julia Jacklin's Don't Let the Kids Win. Another thing we love here at If It's Too Loud... are cover songs, so imagine my delight to see that Julia Jacklin has covered Big Thief's "Paul." It doesn't seem like modern artists cover their contemporaries the way that artists in the 50s and 60s used to, so this is a rare choice, but a great one. Jacklin's version of "Paul" stays completely true to the original, and is a complete homage and show of admiration for Big Thief's song. Let's hope this leads to a Big Thief version of "Pool Party" or "Coming of Age."

You can watch Julia Jacklin perform "Paul" below. For more information on Julia Jacklin, check out her website. For more on Big Thief, check out theirs.

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