Friday, October 21, 2016

Valley Queen - "High Expectations"

Jeff has had much more luck than I have with Spotify's Discover Weekly playlists. I seem to mostly get bands I listen to regularly, and maybe some ok stuff sprinkled in. This week, I finally found a song I've been obsessed with all week. A Los Angeles band that hasn't released a debut album yet, Valley Queen released a single back in August. While "In My Place" is the A-Side, the B-Side is what sucked me in. "High Expectations" is this laid back, California-style modern folk song. I'm not really a lyrics guy, but that's what actually drew me in. "I'm not going to fake an orgasm in texting conversations" might be a lurid line, but coming out of singer Natalie Carol it's pure poetry. The whole song is an interesting take on modern dating. A line like "Women sending pictures like a resume, hoping that they qualify" shows a side you don't hear much about. Don't get me wrong, "In My Place" is also a great song, but "High Expectations" is the one I'll be obsessing over for a long time.

You can listen to Valley Queen below. For more on Valley Queen, be sure to check out their website.