Monday, October 3, 2016

Plastic Flowers - "Falling Off"

The new single from London's Plastic Flowers, "Falling Out," might be the dreamiest of dream pop. The guitars are light and swirling, with vocals that drone on while still being filled with heart. It's a virtually perfect old school shoegaze-tinted dream pop song that feels like Galaxie 500 mixed with early Cure, but then you discover that what was a little slice of perfect was just the ever-so slow build for the first three quarters to this glorious crescendo of beautifully intense noise, the kind where the instruments sound like they're going in all directions but feel like they're just circling each other.

The new Plastic Flowers single, "Falling Off," is available for a pre-order through The Native Sound until October 5. It's a special lathe cut that is only available through this pre-order. If you don't order before October 5, you will miss out completely. You can get your copy here, and make sure to listen below. For more information on Plastic Flowers, check them/him out on Bandcamp and Facebook.

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