Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Chelsea Spear Wants to Busk With Tim Kaine

Chelsea Spear has been part of the Boston area arts community in various forms for quite some time now, and has recently taken up busking at various MBTA stations. Chelsea is a friend of mine (and, full disclosure, I appeared in one of her shorts, The Mystery of the Missing Matron back in 2008) and has been documenting her busking adventures on Twitter and Tumblr since embarking on this new project of busking at most of the MBTA stations.

While we don't delve too much into the politics around these parts, I have to love the tenacity in Spear's latest goal, to busk with Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine. Kaine is a big fan of The Replacements, citing Let It Be as his favorite album. Spear is also a Replacements fan, and is trying anything she can to get Kaine to busk with her on their song "I Will Dare" and get the vote out for the Clinton/Kaine ticket.

This is actually getting some mainstream press, so I'm rooting for Chelsea on a few different levels right now. Still, even as a weird little local music footnote to this absolutely insane campaign cycle, it's nice that something about this election can put a smile on our faces.

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