Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Freebie: Jillian Kay - nothing between us

Providence's Jillian Kay is pretty tough to label. I think most people would call it folk, since it's mostly quiet and acoustic. Plus, she's a female singer-songwriter and all. And I guess the label kind of fits. But her new album, nothing between us, is far too challenging to be standard folk fare. First of all, the album is super lo-fi. The entire thing comes across sounded pretty muddled, particularly the vocals. What's weird, is that leads to the entire charm of Kay's sound. Her voice is beautiful, but oddly beautiful. You may first hear it and be pushed back by the sound a bit, but by the time you get halfway through "stay better," the album opener, you're all in. She also doesn't fit into the freak folk movement. Most of that is pretty twee and caught up in being artsy for the sake of being artsy. Kay is vulnerable while still being bad ass and powerful.

You can download your own copy of Jillian Kay's stellar new album nothing between us for free on Bandcamp. If you download it for free, you really should at least do her the courtesy of following her on Facebook. You'll be amazed at how much power can he held in her crackles and distortion.

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