Sunday, October 16, 2016

New (and Free!) Dinosaur Jr Tour Documentary

Photo by Levi Walton
This was a very pleasant surprise this morning. Apparently Otis Bperiod was on tour with Dinosaur Jr earlier this year to document the band. He put together a documentary that just went up for free on YouTube. It's really rough black and white footage of the band, shot single camera style, but it's a ton of live footage along with the band fooling around backstage. The backstage footage is great to see as a fan since most Dinosaur Jr coverage tends to focus on the band not really getting along. This is an absolute must for all fans of Dinosaur Jr, and it's free. Like I said, the video is a pretty rough quality, but it's a feature length Dinosaur Jr tour documentary, so who really cares, right?

You can watch the full Dinosaur Jr - Bits and Pieces on YouTube below. I'd personally recommend watching it on your tv if you have the capability. For more on Dinosaur Jr, check out their website, and be sure to follow Otis Bperiod on Facebook.

*Full disclosure: I haven't watched the full thing yet, so there could be something amazing or horrible towards the end that I'm not reporting on.

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  1. Video won't play; it says that it's private. Am I the only one with this problem?