Thursday, November 3, 2016

Flasher - "Destroy"

Washington D.C. is kind of the birthplace of emo, if you define emo as "emotional hardcore" and not "whiny pop punk bands singing about their diaries." Flasher are a throwback to old school emo. A chorus that includes "I just want to be your boy" definitely lands in the realm of emo, but musically "Destroy" lands much closer to the old school definition of emo. That's not to say it's hardcore by a long shot. But it's quirky and noisy, with just enough aggression to make the song interesting. It perfectly captures both the sadness and anger of being alone when you don't want to be. Plus, it has a killer false ending.

Check out the video for "Destroy below. Flasher originally released their self-titled EP on cassette back in April, but are reissuing it on vinyl on November 18 on Sister Polygon. You can get your copy via their Bandcamp

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