Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Alison Clancy - Psycho Tyko

A lot of releases are considered diverse, but Alison Clancy's debut release, Psycho Tyko, truly is. Originally from Nevada City, CA, Clancy now resides in NYC where she dances for The Metropolitan Opera and performs music with her band. The best way to describe her music might be that it's a more poppy version of trip hop, but that barely scratches the surface. You would expect any music described as "a more poppy version of trip hop" that includes synths and post punk guitars would be pretty danceable. And you'll want to dance to it, but you might not be able to figure out how to, exactly. Her songs are filled with scratchy guitars and awkward, uncomfortable beats. A song like "ET Phone Home" starts out like a pretty standard alt-pop song, but by the time Clancy's vocals kick in, the song has twisted into a dark corner that pop music never touches. "Tried2CallUButIDidntHaveUrNumber" is a post punk disco song that could almost get played on top 40 if it didn't make you feel so creepy. That might be the best way to describe her music: Almost pop if it didn't make you feel weird about everything.

You can listen to "Tried2CallUButIDidn'tHaveUrNumber" below. For more information on Alison Clancy, check out her website and Bandcamp.

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