Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Huntress & The Holder of Hands Covers Michael Hurley

Photo by Mikael Kennedy
In all the Halloween excitement, I almost missed out on this completely. MorganEve Swain's father used to have a Halloween mixtape (which makes him a super cool dad, in my opinion) that included songs like "Bad Moon Rising" and spooky sounds. It also included a song called "The Werewolf," but no one knew who sang the song. Decades later, MorganEve Swain, aka The Huntress & The Holder of Hands discovers that the song is by Michael Hurley, who I am completely unfamiliar with. This Halloween, she recorded her own version of the song, complete with wolf howls. It's an incredibly creepy and somehow beautiful cover, and I just wish I had been able to listen on Halloween itself. I guess there's always next year.

You can get The Huntress & The Holder of Hands' version of "The Werewolf" over on her Patreon page. While you're there, you should also consider donating.

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