Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Duke Garwood - "Coldblooded the Return"

Photo by Steve Gullick
Folk music can be pretty varied nowadays, but it usually has one thing in common: It sounds nice. It's a pleasant, non-abrasive genre of music. Well... that's not really the case with Duke Garwood's "Coldblooded the Return." That's not to say Garwood sounds bad. His voice is pleasant enough, and it's not like he's mixing folk and noise punk. But... there's just something uncomfortable in his music. It's brooding and dark and just... unpleasant. But it's so good. You want to know how unpleasant his music can feel? Another song, "Sleep," draws from the writings of Werner Herzog. Garwood himself refers to this album as "Beautiful apocalypse love music."

Duke Garwood's new album, Garden of Ashes, will be out February 3 on Heavenly Recordings. You can listen to "Coldblooded the Return" below and pre-order your copy of the album here. For more information on Garwood, check out his Facebook and Twitter.

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