Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sallie Ford - "Get Out"

Photo via Facebook
We've been following the career of Sallie Ford since before this blog existed, so anytime we can bring you new music of hers, we're pretty excited. "Get Out" is the first song released from her upcoming album, and the first with a new ensemble of musicians backing her. It's a pretty straightforward retro rocker, but it still has Ford's trademark bluesy growl. For such a basic rock song, "Get Out" just feels heavy and dark. The new album deals with Ford's struggles with anxiety and depression, as well as band breakups and wanting to quit music. This isn't exactly a party time album, but few truly great ones are.

Sallie Ford's upcoming album, Soul Sick, will be released on February 10 on Vanguard Records. You can pre-order it now via PledgeMusic, along with some great extras (house shows, original artwork, hanging out with Sallie Ford in Portland, etc.) For more information on Sallie Ford, be sure to check out her website.

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