Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Weezy Ford - Bobbypin Graveyard

Last week Weezy Ford, sister of Sallie Ford, released her debut EP, Bobbypin Graveyard. Interestingly, none of the songs from her Soundcloud that we covered last year are on this five song EP, so we get a completely fresh look at Ford. Bobbypin Graveyard isn't quite as barebones as "Phantom Lover" was. These songs just barely brush into the indie rock meets soul sound that her sister has mastered, but I mean just barely. The opening track, "You Ain't Gonna Find It," might be the closest. It has this weirdly great dichotomy with the instrumentation being heavy blues with Weezy's voice having an almost vulnerable quality. "Shakey Knees" is my personal favorite track of the album, and just amps up the dirty aggressive blues rock aspect. It sounds as if a 60s girl group backup singer took over vocal duties for The White Stripes. It's such a joy to hear music that is so raw and sweet at the same time. The EP is an absolute blast, and completely worth the wait for a proper release.

You can listen to "Shakey Knees" below. Bobbypin Graveyard is available now via Sleepy Volcano. You can get your own copy here. For more information on Weezy Ford, check out her website and Facebook. Right now she only has one show scheduled at the Sou'wester Lodge in Seaview, WA.

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