Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Freebie: Sallie Ford, Vic Chesnutt, and Funeral Advantage

Friday Freebie is back this week with our very first triple header. We'll start off with the smallest of the three, but one we're really excited about. Absolute blog favorite Sallie Ford is offering up two songs from her upcoming album, Soul Sick, along with a previously unreleased B-side, "You're On My Mind." We've previously covered "Get Out," so we'll stick with the two newer songs. "Failure" is doo-woppy as hell, and "You're On My Mind" is an absolute treasure. It sounds like an old blues song being played on the slowest, creepiest Victrola. You can get your copy of Sallie Ford's Soul Sick Sampler + Unreleased B-Side over on Noisetrade.

For those of you not familiar with Vic Chesnutt, you owe it to yourself to check him out. He recorded a total of 17 albums in his far too short and hard life. I guess you'd call him a singer/songwriter, but his style transcended the genre. I saw him once back in 2003 opening up for Evan Dando at the Paradise. The stage isn't even remotely handicap-accessible, so he had to be lifted in his wheelchair onto the stage. Watching him sing these beautiful and painful songs close enough to make eye contact was a powerful and uncomfortable experience I'll never forget. Six of Chesnutt's albums (his first four on Texas Hotel and two on New West Records) are being reissued on vinyl. To celebrate this, there is a 12 song sampler being offered for free, also on Noisetrade. You can pre-order the reissues on PledgeMusic.

No strangers to Friday Freebie, Boston's own Funeral Advantage are hinting at a new album on Facebook. What's as exciting as new music from our favorite local disciples of 80s softer college rock (I legitimately thought most of their songs were Smiths covers the first time I saw them, and I mean that as the highest compliment)? This week they're offering their entire back catalog for free on their Bandcamp! This includes their fantastic 2015 album Body Is Dead, their album of the demos for Body Is Dead, and a bunch of singles. This offer is only for "this week," and since they announced it on Tuesday you'll want to act now.

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