Monday, December 26, 2016

Monday Mix: Jeff's Favorite Songs of 2016

To kind of close the book on the year a bit, I wanted to offer up a quickie playlist of my favorite songs this year. Shuffle or not, here's how I might rank them:

1) Royksopp and Susanne Sundfor - "Never Ever" (a song that should have been 2016's "Get Lucky," a much better throwback than Daft Punk did. Song of the year for me, no question)
2) Big Thief - "Masterpiece" (tell me this song isn't the most epic sparse indie rock song you've ever heard)
3) Eric Bachmann - "Mercy" (the Nerf Herder singer/songwriter offered up one of the most emotional songs of the year for me)
4) Margaret Glaspy - "Emotions and Math" (great song, of course, but I still maintain this is actually from the point of view of a dog)
5) The Prettiots - "Suicide Hotline" (this is not a cry for help)
6) Quilt - "Roller" (local song of the year, but also a great groove and catchy chorus)
7) Lauren Mann - "New Beginning" (I feel as if Lauren Mann would have gotten more attention had more people heard this song)
8) The Avett Brothers - "Smithsonian" (arguably one of the best songs they've ever done period)
9) Tancred - "Pens" (has my favorite lyric of the year: "I'm insanely healthy in my head/it's crazy how stable I am")
10) The Casket Girls - "Tears of a Clown" (I think a lot of people might get something extra out of this modern protest song)
11) DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels - "Nobody Speak" (RTJ hasn't ever clicked with me until this song, and now I can't get enough)
12) Ladyhawke - "A Love Song" (...because I could only choose one...)
13) Paper Pilots - "The Weather" (this is not a song you've likely heard, but I promise it won't leave your head once you do)
14) Radiation City - "Oil Show" (fun, glitchy indie pop)
15) Powerslut - "Switch Hitter" (sexually-tinged and funny as well)
16) Weakened Friends - "95" (this was my song of the summer)
17) Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - "Nobody Dies" (was honestly hard to choose between this and "Meticulous Bird")
18) Rococode - "Panic Attack" (another song with one of the catchiest choruses of the year)
19) Ruby the Rabbitfoot - "Nicola La" (while I nearly chose "Wild Cherry Chapstick," this song has a heck of a chorus as well)
20) CFO$ - "Glorious Domination" (before you roll your eyes at a WWE entrance theme, listen to this and tell me you won't be humming this/yelling along in your car later)

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