Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Freebie: Eli Paperboy Reed & Nikki Lane

The same day we dust off Forgotten Fridays we bring you two fantastic releases for Friday Freebie. The first is a live EP from Boston's (well, formerly Boston) favorite neo-soul dynamo Eli Paperboy Reed. Reed's been at it since before the current soul revival, and it seems like he should get a lot more recognition on the national level than he actually does. As much as I've always enjoyed his albums, I've always heard that he is an artist that you need to see live. Somehow I've never made it to one of his shows, but after hearing this EP I'll definitely be getting out to see him next time he comes home. If you want proof of how amazing he is live, just check out the opening track "Hold Out" and remember that it's just a recording and you're not actually there live. To get your copy of of Live at Union Pool, head over to NoiseTrade. For more information on Eli Paperboy Reed, check out his website.

Also from NoiseTrade this week (seriously, you need to join their mailing list) is some free music from Nikki Lane. Nikki Lane's free offering is part of my favorite trend in music. Not only is she giving away "Highway Queen," the first single from her upcoming album (which is also named Highway Queen), she's also decided to throw in 2014's pretty excellent All or Nothin' in its entirety for free. Jeff gave the album high praise back when it was released, and if you missed it then, you can get it now for free. As Jeff mentioned, she gets lumped in with the outlaw country artists, but she's more throwback country in that way that Margo Price is. If you prefer your country to not include product endorsements for specific trucks or beer brands, Nikki Lane will be for you. Normally these NoiseTrade free releases are a handful of songs, so when they're giving away an entire album, especially one this acclaimed, you need to jump on it while it's available. You can get your copy at NoiseTrade. Make sure you pre-order Highway Queen, due out on February 17, at PledgeMusic. For more on Nikki Lane, check out her website.

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