Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bruising - "What It Feels Like"

For only having a handful of songs out, Bruising have a very specific sound, especially their guitars. Their latest single, "What It Feels Like," epitomizes Bruising's sound. Although it clocks in at just over 2:30, it's a slow song, bordering on being a power ballad, albeit a punky shoegaze infested one. The guitar is really what holds everything together for "What It Feels Like." Droney and fuzzed out are cliches for this type of music, but there's a reason we all use those descriptions. Somehow Bruising pulls passed all that, and while the guitar in "What It Feels Like" is droney and fuzzed out, it's an actual guitar solo throughout a huge portion of the song.

"What It Feels Like" will be available as a split 7" with Personal Best via the Too Pure Singles Club. You can listen to the song below, and head over to here to get a copy. For more on Bruising, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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