Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fuzzystar - "High Friends"

Andy Thomson is an Edinburgh based artist who has been working either solo or with various other musicians under the name Fuzzystar for a while now. The name Fuzzystar is a tribute to Big Star and Mazzy Star. Set to release their new album, Telegraphing, the band have made their first single available. "High Friends" is an absolute masterpiece. There is no other word for it. It starts out as a fairly mainstream sounding singer-songwriter piece, albeit a slightly left of center version of mainstream. Slowly the song builds and builds, much like a Pulp song, and adds elements of Britpop as well as indie rock. The build then drops off back into singer-songwriter territory, and then just explodes into an indie rock burner. It's all of my favorite things put into one song, and I truly can not wait for more.

Telegraphing will be out April 28 on Satellite Sounds. You can listen to "High Friends" below. For more on Fuzzystar, find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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