Friday, January 6, 2017

Last Remaining Pinnacle - "To Dream"

Hailing from Virginia Beach, Last Remaining Pinnacle was started by Dave Allison way back in 1995. It was mostly a solo project, with Allison collaborating with various musicians until 2011 when he brought in Dave Dembitsky and now exist as a duo. They've recently released their latest single, "To Dream," via Custom Made Music, and there is legitimately nothing really like it. It's a dark, atmospheric six minute track that just edges on the border of instrumental metal like Pelican, but with a groove and the fuzzed-out drone of shoegaze. It's a thick, muddy sound that is heavy but not quite "hard rock." 

You can get a copy of "To Dream" over on Last Remaining Pinnacle's Bandcamp. It's available digitally and on cassette. The cassette features "What's Your Sign?," an exclusive 16 minute track. For more on Last Remaining Pinnacle, be sure to like them on Facebook.

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