Friday, January 27, 2017

Divisionists - "Say Can You"

Photo by Ian Falconer
London's Divisionists have one of the catchiest songs I've heard all year. "Say Can You" is a huge 90s throwback, in the best possible way. It's like a forgotten mid-90s power pop gem, like a cross between Polaris and Matthew Sweet. The verses and choruses are catchy enough to make this song good, but it's the guitar solos that come in like a second vocalist and truly steal the show. The guitar is just this perfect swirling persona that comes in and then fades away. Each time it returns, it's even fuzzier and more riveting than the last. "Say Can You" is a must listen.

Divisionists' debut full length, Daybreak, will be out on March 17 via Mount Watatic Records (perhaps named after the small mountain in north central Massachusetts?). You can listen to "Say Can You" below. For more on Divisionists, check out their website.

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  1. Indeed it is named after that mountain in Massachusetts. When I lived in Lowell, my friends and I would occasionally climb Mount Watatic in the middle of the night, and have bonfires at the top. If it was clear, and the moon was full, we didn't even need flashlights.